How the Noose Became a Friend and Business Partner

One week after publication of Social Anxiety Revealed, I’ve realised that SA and I finally see eye-to-eye. We’re tuned in to each other exactly and working together with the same objective uppermost:

to raise awareness of social anxiety

It was only recently, when I updated the book, that I thought of and added this advice: make friends with SA. Because what at first seems impossible really works.

For fifty years, I treated SA as an enemy, a noose around my neck. I tried to push it away and failed.

SA: Noose to Friend and Business Partner

Now I’ve accepted it’s here to stay and I might as well make friends with it. Not only that, but with the publication of this book, it has become my business partner. Together, we have worked on the book, and now we’re promoting it, hoping that it will help as many people as possible.

Now I want to ask for help from you. During October or the first half of November, I want to give a talk about social anxiety together with someone who has her own experience of SA. The location has to be in the UK, possibly but not necessarily in or near London. It doesn’t have to be a book-related location, but it can be. It can also be for an audience of teachers, or anyone else who might be interested.

Can you suggest a suitable location?


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