Don’t be left in the dark. It’s time to find out with this book.

What Book?

Social Anxiety Revealed was published by Crooked Cat Books on 22 August, 2017. This book is full of quotes by people who know a lot more about social anxiety than they ever wanted to – people who have lived with it for a long time. I include myself in that group.

What is Social Anxiety?

ScaredEmoticonIn a nutshell, social anxiety is a fear of people. In particular, it’s a fear of what those people think of “the SAer”. (That’s the term I use in the book, because “sufferer” sounds painful and doesn’t always fit.)

It is, of course, much more complex than that, and I will be sharing more information on these pages. There are other definitions. I’ll be explaining why I’ve chosen this one.

ProfileWho Am I?

Miriam Drori. I’m a writer and an editor. Over the decades that I’ve lived with social anxiety, I’ve learnt to make friends with it. I’d rather it wasn’t there at all, but some visitors take up residence and never leave. Despite this unwanted companion, I’m not shy and enjoy giving talks from a podium. I hope you’ll get to know me better in these pages. I don’t claim to be a qualified expert, but I do have first hand experience.


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