I love all the reviews for the book, Social Anxiety Revealed. Do, please, keep them coming. BUT. While it’s great that people with social anxiety are getting so much benefit from the book, it’s intended for a much wider audience. Anyone who knows someone with social anxiety will gain something through reading it. That applies particularly to teachers, parents, grandparents, employers and colleagues.

  • From Dr Sofi Marom, a senior psychologist and expert in social anxiety and CBT: A great book on Social Anxiety by Miriam Drori, full of self humor, touching, sharp, excellent description of SAers, can be found at Amazon, highly recommended.
  • When I ordered this book I didn’t realise it would have the ‘Wow’ factor! I lost count of the amount of times that I thought ‘wow’ when reading the comments from people interviewed and discovering that I am not alone. There are other people who feel and act the way I do. It soon became clear during the reading that the author was offering me a much needed insight into like minded people and although it doesn’t offer a ‘cure’ (possibly the wrong word) it helped tremendously.
  • There is just so much in this book that rings true for me and I found myself announcing, “that’s exactly right!” as I read. It’s amazing how little is really known about the condition and just how many myths surround it. Social Anxiety Revealed not only explains what it is but also gives extremely helpful tips on how to overcome the symptoms. Professionals and sufferers alike will find much of interest in this well-written, no-nonsense book which I thoroughly recommend for everyone–even for those who don’t have the condition because it’ll help them understand those that do.
  • Although not all of the book was relevant to me, there were parts where I thought yes! That is how I can describe what I’m feeling to others to try and make them understand what life is like for me.
  • A wonderfully easy to read book that I really identified with. It’s so reassuring discovering that you are not alone and that more people suffer with Social Anxiety than you ever realised.
  • Here is a book I wish I could have read years ago. It would have helped me so much to know I was not alone. It is greatly important to raise awareness about social anxiety, and this book stands out among other books on the subject because it is written by someone who has experienced social anxiety for a long time. The author writes with clarity and wisdom, and she has included quotes from many others who tell of the ways in which it affects them. I highly recommend this book to those who know only too well what social anxiety is like for themselves, and to those who wish to learn more about it in order to help and understand others.
  • Arrived on time. Reading this book has helped me realize so many things throughout my life that I have hated about myself were actually due to “social anxiety” never realized till now My struggles had a name/cause. Very informative and helpful book.
  • This is an important book to read for anyone who suffers from anxiety in certain situations or for anyone who knows someone who does. It helps to gain an understanding of why and to know you’re not alone. I definitely can relate to some of these issues though not all and especially not the one the author writes about the most, which is about conversation and knowing what to say. I’ve never had that problem, but there are other issues like the telephone and handling big crowds, speaking in front of people, etc. that I can relate to. This book helped me to understand what made me this way.Kudos to the author for her bravery in “coming out,” speaking out and educating the world on what is considered the taboo topic of a mental health issue.
  • I found this book to be very informative and helpful as I suffer from social anxiety myself.
    Reading all the comments from fellow sufferers helped me realise I wasn’t alone or unusual.



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